Kane Brown Reveals Plans to Take Daughter Kingsley on Upcoming Worldwide Beautiful Tour

Kane Brown and his wife, Katelyn, are still adjusting to their role as parents of their daughter, Kingsley, who was born in October. Their daughter's arrival came only a few months before Brown kicks off his Worldwide Beautiful Tour, where the singer plans on bringing along his baby girl, for at least some of the shows.

"We get a new tour bus in January so they're going to knock out –– there's a couch in the back, beside our bed," Brown explained to Extra. "They're going to knock out half the couch beside our bed and put in a crib so she'll be able to sleep back there with us."

The Browns are happily sharing parenting duties for now, with each of them showing strengths in their own areas –– which for Brown is not changing diapers.

"I'm kind of the diaper changer, but he is the best swaddler," Katelyn revealed, adding that her husband has changed one or two diapers along the way. "But Kane is the swaddler for sure. He gets her in there and she stops crying right away."

In between tour dates, Brown is also working on a new album, with one of the tracks on his next set of tunes inspiring his tour name.

"I'm really excited about it," Brown boasted to Billboard. "I've got a song called 'Worldwide Beautiful,' which is also our tour name. It's a song about meaning. It brings up color, that I'm really excited about. I'm really excited to show it to the world. And then I have another song coming out that's completely different than anything I've ever released. I'm not trying to leak anything, but I'm hyped."

The Worldwide Beautiful Tour comes after Brown spent most of 2019 on the road, opening for good friend Jason Aldean on the Ride All Night Tour.

"We've been getting asked for a while when we were going to be heading overseas, and there have been a few times it's almost worked out, but 2020 just overall was the right timing," Brown told USA Today. "We've known about it for a while, and I am glad we can tell people we are coming back out on the road.

"Its important to us and to our fans to keep showing up for them," he added, "and knowing how much we appreciate their support."

Brown will be joined on his Worldwide Beautiful Tour by both Russell Dickerson and Chris Lane. Find tour dates by visiting his website.


Photo Credit: Getty / Mat Hayward