Jordan Davis and Wife Kristen Expecting Second Child

Another baby is on the way for Jordan Davis, who announced on Monday that he and his wife Kristen [...]

Another baby is on the way for Jordan Davis, who announced on Monday that he and his wife Kristen are expecting their second child. Davis shared the happy news with fans on Instagram, posting a photo of himself and Kristen holding their 18-month-old daughter Eloise as well as a small sign that read, "It's a boy!"

"Add a few limbs to the family tree...add me to the list of artists putting out new music and having kids during quarantine," Davis captioned his post, joking about his activities over the past year. In May 2020, the Louisiana native released a self-titled EP and is currently preparing to release his EP Buy Dirt on May 21. This fall, he will join Kane Brown on Brown's Blessed and Free Tour, though he might have to make a pit stop back in Nashville to welcome his son. Brown and Kristen have not yet shared their baby's due date.

The couple, who married in 2017, welcomed Eloise in November 2019, while Davis was on a break from touring. After headlining his Trouble Town Tour in early 2020, the 33-year-old was taken off the road due to the pandemic, finding a silver lining in getting to be at home with his wife and daughter.

"[My daughter's] first steps, I was there for it," he told Hillary Scott on Country Faith Radio with Hillary Scott on Apple Music Country. "Even when she started crawling, I was there for it. When she first started eating solid foods, I was there at the table with her. And that was when I stopped and I looked at my calendar and I was like, 'I would have been in Arizona tonight. I would not have been here.' But the stacking of things that I got to see were special."

Along with Eloise's milestones, there was one moment in particular that stood out to Davis. "This is my thing that I tell new dads, a mom and a kid is just a special thing," he explained. "It is something that is the most beautiful thing to watch. But for the first six months, I'm just like, 'Well, do you want me to watch that? Is there anything I can do here? This kid wants nothing to do with me.'… So the big moment for me was the day I came home and she just full sprinted to the door, smiled, took up her whole face and she just ran into my kneecap. And I was just like, 'That was the coolest thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life.'"