Jordan Davis Feels an 'Excitement and a Comfort' With New Self-Titled EP (Exclusive)

Jordan Davis released his self-titled EP on May 22, sharing the six-song project as a way to tide fans over until his sophomore album arrives later this year. The EP is the first multi-song effort for Davis since his debut album, Home State, in 2018, and builds on the sound he solidified there, a down-home pop-country blend that stays personal to the Louisiana native while resonating with his growing fan base. "I'm ready for just a whole new project to be out in the world," Davis told, sharing that "a lot of" his new EP "is just the personal changes in my world."

"I also think it's just like a comfort," he explained. "Home State was the first time I'd ever released anything, and I was kind of nervous to get it out, because you don't know, you don't really have a fan base and you're just putting out there and hoping people like this art that you made. To where now it's like I have a little more of a grasp on my fan base. And I think my fan base has more of a grasp on kind of who I am as well. So it's just kind of more of a excitement and a comfort that this music's coming out."

The EP is home to six songs — "Almost Maybes" is Davis' take on ending up right where you're supposed to be in life, "Church In A Chevy" finds him finding God on the open road, "Ruin My Weekend" is a playful message to a new lover, "A Little Lime" offers a first-meeting proposition, "Detours" is a sweet ode to Davis' wife, Kristen, and the closer, "Cool Anymore," sees Davis team with Julia Michaels for a message about letting your guard down in front of your significant other.

almost maybes
(Photo: UMG Nashville)

When he first began releasing his music, Davis shared that he knew right away what he wanted to say as an artist. He's continued that strategy in the years since and has developed his own unique voice, which has landed him multiple No. 1 songs. "I definitely think that it was something that when we first started making this music, I kind of told [producer] Paul [DiGiovanni], I was like, 'Man, this is how we're going to do it. And this is how I'm going to write songs. This is what we're going to chase when it comes to production. And if it works, great. If not, there really wasn't a plan B,'" he recalled. "It was kind of just like, 'I hope that they like the style of music I made and the way that we put it out.' Fortunately for us, it did. It worked out. It's just a huge blessing."


Davis revealed that he's planning on releasing his second album in October but wanted to share new music with fans as soon as he could. "I didn't want to wait until October to get some of these songs out, especially after seeing the reaction that we were getting at some of these shows," he explained of playing new songs on his Trouble Town Tour earlier this year. "We had them written, and they were recorded, and luckily my team went with it. We were just kind of like, 'Hey, we've got these things done. Let's get them out. There's no need sitting on them.' And luckily, everybody was on board." You can stream Jordan Davis here.