Watch Jason Aldean's Son Memphis Enjoy His Father's We Back Tour Rehearsal

It seems that Jason Aldean's 2-year-old son Memphis is having the time of his life while on the road! Aldean and his wife, Brittany Aldean, posted a couple videos of the toddler, enjoying running around while his father had his We Back Tour rehearsal.

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In the first video, Memphis goes looking for his father, only to tell Aldean he wants to sit down after he finds him. The second one shows Memphis dancing around to the music, which Aldean set to his song, "Camouflage Hat," from his latest 9 album.

Aldean enjoys having both Memphis and Memphis' baby sister, Navy, out on the road with him, although he lets Brittany decide whether or not the children go or stay home with her.

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"They come out," Aldean told "We had the bus made specifically for us and the babies. It makes sense. Honestly, I leave that up to my wife. Whenever she wants to come out and bring the kids out for the weekend, we're set up for that. I leave it up to her."

Thankfully, when Aldean does have his family on the road, even the little ones are safe.

"In a bus, you've got to get creative," Aldean said. "You're going down the road and you take a turn too fast and both babies come rolling out into the middle of the floor. You've got to get pretty creative on those buses. It's crazy what they do on them these days. From my first bus, I had this Indian mural thing painted on the back of it, to the bus we're in now, it's crazy how far they've come and the stuff they can do to them now."

Included in the layout is enclosed beds, which keep Memphis and Navy safe while rolling down the road.

"We just went in and said, 'All right, we're going to have two babies on the road. We've got to figure out a way to keep them in the bunk,'" Aldean explained. "And that's what they came up with."


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