Jason Aldean Shows off New Tattoos With Names of Family Members

Jason Aldean has some new ink! The singer shared the photos in an Instagram Story, showing off written names of Memphis, Navy and Britt, for his son, daughter, and wife, Brittany Aldean.

(Photo: Instagram/jasonaldean)

"All simple but meaningful," Aldean captioned the third photo, showing off the tattoo of his wife's name.

Aldean has several other tattoos, including a matching one of the Buck Commander logo he shares with Luke Bryan, and a cross with the names of his two daughters from his first marriage, Keeley and Kendyl, inscribed on it.

Aldean and Brittany are adjusting to having two children under the age of 2 in the house, after welcoming daughter Navy Rome on Feb. 4. And according to Aldean, he won't need to have any more names tattooed on his body.

"I have zero plans to do that," he told PopCulture.com at a media event, prior to Navy's arrival, while discussing having another child. "I'm good. I think at this point, this is number four for me, and I got 15, 11, a one year old, and one that's cooking, so to me, four healthy kids, I would feel blessed to have that. I'm good, and my wife's been pregnant for two years, so I don't really think she's in any hurry to jump back and go through that again either, so I think we're good."

Aldean might be done, but his wife hints that she might like to have one more.

"Mommy's little dimple baby," Brittany captioned a photo of their newborn daughter. "Who does she look like to y'all? (Please someone throw me a bone... Jase says "we can't keep having babies until one looks like you") Hehehehe, yes we caaaaaan."

(Photo: Instagram/brittanyaldean)

If the couple do decide to have another child, they will likely have to use in vitro fertilization, since that is how they conceived both Memphis and Navy.

"We tried for a year and a half," Brittany revealed in the Babes and Babies podcast. "No one really knows this, but we had to do in vitro, so it was the longest process. It was such a roller coaster, and I ended up, through it all, having endometriosis. After a year and a half of trying, they're finally like, 'We think you might have endometriosis.' I'm like, 'After all that, are you kidding me?'

"And so then I had to go and have a procedure done called a laparascopy, which is basically where they go in and they check for endometriosis, or any cysts or anything," she continues. "And, I had Stage 2 out of Stage 4. So they got rid of that, and then I ended up getting pregnant."


Photo Credit: Getty / Jason Kempin