Jason Aldean Reveals His Very 2020 Halloween Costume Idea

Halloween will certainly look different this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, and while trick-or-treating may not be an option, dressing up is still totally doable. During a recent interview with RADIO.COM's Katie & Company, Jason Aldean opened up about a costume idea he had for his family, sharing that he's hoping that they dress as the cast of Netflix's Tiger King, which went viral earlier this year after its release at the beginning of quarantine.

After noting that the family didn't yet have a set plan for their costumes, Aldean suggested that he could dress as Joe Exotic, his wife, Brittany, could go as Carole Baskin and their two kids, 2-year-old son Memphis and 1-year-old daughter Navy, would be tiny tigers. "So, we'll see how that works out," he said. "I'll see what she comes up with, that's my idea... that's my pitch. You just heard it. I'm gonna tell her the same way I just told you."

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Tiger King was one of several shows that Aldean and Brittany watched during quarantine. "After we watched 'Tiger King,' I mean it kind of set the bar for what to watch in 2020," the singer joked. Dubbing himself and his wife "binge-watchers," Aldean shared that another of their quarantine shows was the reality dating series Love Island.

"My wife talked me into watching Love Island... which I love, like, crappy reality shows," he said. "So we were watching that, and then we started going back and looking, and there's some from Australia and the U.K. So we started back-watching all the ones from Australia."

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"Typically we just try to find stuff on Netflix, or Hulu, or Prime, or whatever and just try to find shows that we like," he continued. "The problem is we'll sit there and watch them and rip them off in like a week and then we're done. Then we're like, 'Alright, what are we watching now?' So we end up watching a lot of reality TV stuff that has a lot of seasons in the past so we can just like... 90 Day Fiancé, we'll watch that and go back and watch the 20 other seasons they have of it before this season or whatever."