Jason Aldean Reveals His Favorite Pre-Show Ritual Ahead of We Back Tour (Exclusive)

After Jason Aldean returns from performing at Luke Bryan's Crash My Playa, he will head out on his We Back Tour, with Morgan Wallen and Riley Green serving as his opening act. Aldean, who previously revealed he was focusing on more of a healthier diet than he has in the past, still enjoys imbibing a little before and after a show, and is certain the We Back Tour will be no exception.

"Usually, before the show, we like to go in, unwind," Aldean told PopCulture.com. "I get in there with my band a little bit, create some music, listen a little bit and if I want to have a couple beers, I'll have a couple Coronas. Obviously, we wait until after the show if we really want a cut loose. Wait until we're done working. That's when everybody gets in there and cuts loose for the night, a little bit. Corona's definitely a big part of that."

Aldean has spent most of the last 14 years on the road, which is why he decided to clean up his eating –– and drinking –– a little bit.

"When you've been on the road as long as I have, you fall into bad eating habits, things like that, over the years," Aldean admitted. "On the road, sometimes it's just easy to grab fast food, or eat late at night, things like that. It's a lot of clean eating –– pay a little bit more attention to those kind of foods. Obviously, if I have a couple beers at the end of the night, something that's a light beer, clean. To me, I'd rather have that than anything else."

For that reason, Aldean partnered with Corona Light for the upcoming summer leg of his We Back Tour, which will feature both Brett Young and Mitchell Tenpenny.

"It goes with what I've been trying to do here the last year or so. It just works for me," Aldean explained, adding that his affinity for their beer likely began before he was old enough to drink, at least legally.

"I just think Corona Light and summer go hand in hand," the father of four explained. "Of course, I grew up in Georgia and Florida, and I spent every summer of my life at the beach. The beach, Corona Light, summer, it just all goes hand in hand. To me, it was the perfect addition to the summer tour. I think when the weather warms up, people want to come out to show, have a beer.


"They get there early to tailgate," he added. "It's like it's a perfect match. For me, it was really natural too. I'm supposed to have a brand that I like, that I'm a fan of, which is the other thing. I like working with brands that I feel like are all fitting to me and what I do. It sounded like a perfect fit."

Photo Credit: Getty / David Becker