Jason Aldean Gives Fans a Look at His Tour Bus in New Video

Jason Aldean spends a huge amount of time on the road, so it only makes sense that his tour bus is like a home away from home. On Sunday, Aldean's wife, Brittany Aldean, shared a video tour of the bus with her fans on Instagram, with the couple taking viewers inside their home on wheels.

"A much requested Bus Tour!! Swipe right to see it all!" Brittany captioned the tour, which starts with the couple at the front of the bus in the living area, which features a recliner for the "We Back" singer to kick his feet up because Brittany "won't let [him] have one at the house," according to Jason.

The front of the bus also features three televisions so its occupants can watch three programs at once, something Jason shared comes in handy on Saturdays when it's time for him to watch college football.

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A much requested Bus Tour!! Swipe right to see it all! 🚌⚡️

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Moving towards the back of the bus, the Aldeans showed off four bunks, two of which are regular bunks with televisions at the end and two of which are zip-in cribs for the couple's young children, son Memphis and daughter Navy. The cribs are equipped with blackout curtains and cameras inside so their parents can watch the infant and toddler on their baby monitors.

The master bedroom, like the rest of the bus, is decked out in neutrals colors of whites and grays and features framed photos including a snap of Brittany and Jason, a shot of Memphis and Navy and a photograph of Jason performing with George Strait.

There's also a massive television in the bedroom and another television in the bathroom, which Jason explained is to be watched from the shower. There are four closets, all of which are for Jason, who likes to be able to step onto the bus and be ready for a show.

"I keep all my clothes on here, all my stage clothes, just lounging clothes for the bus," he explained. "I keep it all on here so every week I don't have to pack a suitcase and come out, I just kind of come out and get on the bus."

As for Brittany, Jason joked, "She comes out, she has two giant suitcases. And then when the kids come, they have their own suitcases. I come with my wallet."

The Georgia native's fellow country artist Brett Young can clearly relate, with Young's wife, Taylor, commenting, "This cracks me up, Brett got his recliner on the bus too, because he's not 'allowed' to have one at home either haha."

Jason just wrapped up his Ride All Night tour on Saturday with a performance in Detroit.


Photo Credit: Getty / Rich Fury/ACMA2019