Jason Aldean Calls Crash My Playa an Early 5th Anniversary Celebration for His Wife, Brittany (Exclusive)

What started as another gig is turning into a romantic celebration for Jason Aldean. The singer is currently at Crash My Playa, with his good friend, Luke Bryan, in Cancun, Mexico, which he is also calling an early anniversary present for his wife, Brittany Aldean. The two will celebrate five years of marriage on March 21, which makes their beach getaway, sans their two children, the ideal place to celebrate a little early.

"Luke and I have been trying to get together and pull this off now, for a few years," Aldean told PopCulture.com. "We found that we were able to make it happen this year. I love Mexico. My wife and I got married there, actually in Playa. It's going to be a fun trip. We're coming up on our five year anniversary here in March, so we go back a little earlier. It's cool. We love Mexico, we love going down there. It's just a crazy vibe. Decided be down there, playing with him and drink some beer."

Both Memphis and Navy will stay with relatives allowing the couple to have some much-needed adult time.

"Kids are staying with grandparents," revealed the singer. "Taking them to Mexico, where we're going to be back and forth before the show, things like that, it just makes it a little trickier taking them with us. We're going to be gone for only about three days."

This might be Aldean's first time to go to Crash My Playa, but not because Bryan hasn't invited him. Bryan previously revealed that he has asked Aldean to go for years, but Aldean was too busy with his family, until now.

"The past couple of years, I have called my buddy Jason Aldean, and I think he's been having children," Bryan previously stated. "He's been doing stuff like that, and finally he's got a window where he's gonna make it this year, and I'm excited to hang with him down at the beach."

Aldean is scheduled to headline one of the nightly shows, but chances are good that both Bryan and Aldean will take the stage each night.


"The beauty of having Jason is the night he's on stage, I can crash the stage and vice versa," Bryan said. "He and I can play some old songs he and I used to play when we were on tour together. So, it'll be real, real organic and authentic up there. It's just gonna be fun hanging with Jason in Mexico, and I'm so glad he signed on to be a part of it."

Photo Credit: Getty / Jason Kempin