Jana Kramer Says ‘This Was the Moment’ to Release New Single ‘Untouchable’ (Exclusive)

On Friday, April 17, Jana Kramer released her latest single, "Untouchable," a song she wrote almost 10 years ago about the kind of love she one day hoped to find. Kramer originally had another song slated for release this month, but ultimately decided to share "Untouchable" because she feels so strongly about the song's message, especially in today's world.

"I really wanted it to have the proper time to put out, and to me I was like, 'This was the moment,'" Kramer told PopCulture.com. "I'm really excited, and for my single loves out there, I wrote this when I was single and and that's what I wanted. All I want is someone that is going to stand with me and get through all the crap together and not leave and not run when things get things get hard, and that's just what I've always wanted in a love."

Though "Untouchable" is, on its face, about looking for your perfect partner, Kramer explained that she believes the lyrics can be extended to apply to the current pandemic and the fact that many people are not physically able touch their loved ones.

"The message with the song is that looking for a love that's untouchable, that where kind of like, I'll just say like in my marriage, where it's just the stresses and the fears of everything going on and just knowing that we're solid and that no matter if the world's shaking, we're going to be okay, that our love is strong enough and we're going to make it through," she said. "Then for the ones that can't be with their loved ones, just to know that they still have that strong love and that it's, even though you can't touch it, your love is so strong that no matter what, that they can feel your love."

The 36-year-old shared that her own family has been relying on technology to stay in touch, which Kramer says has been "awesome" because it's allowed her to be "really present" with whoever is on the other end of the line.


"Because the world is so untouchable right now, that it doesn't mean that we can't be there for our loved ones and call them and FaceTime them because that love, it's always going to be there for the ones that we love," she explained. "Just knowing that nothing that happens in the world, just to be sure and solid that the relationship that you're in, nothing's going to touch it. It's not going to break it and you'll be able to get through it."

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