Haley & Michaels Release New Single, 'All Out'

Country duo Haley & Michaels has released a new single, "All Out," marking their first release on Hickory Records/RED Music.

Haley & Michaels is made up of married couple Shannon Haley and Ryan Michaels, who decided to form a duo after writing together.

Written by Haley, Michaels and Matt McVaney, "All Out" features energetic production and plenty of guitars steer the song into clear pop-country territory.

"This song is about that moment when you commit to going for something whole-heartedly regardless of the outcome," Haley explained in a press release.

Michaels added, "It's largely inspired by our journey in the music industry as well as our personal relationship."

The pop-country duo has put out a succession of singles over the past few years after coming together as a group, with their previous offering, "Me Too," serving as a personal response to the #MeToo movement.

"We were so inspired when we started seeing women – and men – bravely speaking up about something that was normally not talked about, and something that can feel very isolating," Haley told Billboard of the song. "People were instead coming together. It was uniting people."

As for "All Out," Haley reiterated her statement, noting, "the original idea of the song was 'Let's Go All The Way.'"


"People say we're never going to make it, so let's go all the way," she explained. "That was the spirit behind it. The song is written in terms of a relationship, but it's also about our journey in the music industry. It's about going 'All In' to something, and now it's time to go 'All Out.' It's a power anthem."

Photo Credit: Essential Broadcast Media, LLC.