Gretchen Wilson Arrested at Connecticut Airport

Gretchen Wilson was placed under arrest at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut on Tuesday night, August 21, after allegedly causing a "minor disturbance," according to WFSB.

Wilson reportedly caused the disturbance on an incoming flight to Bradley. WFSB reports that police were dispatched to the runway, and while interviewing Wilson, she became belligerent. Wilson was charged with breach of peace, with her bond set at $1000. She will return to court on Wednesday, August 22.

The singer-songwriter's legal woes come in the middle of several career highs. Wilson spent her summer on the Workin' Women Tour with Jessie G, which includes upcoming dates in Ohio and Tennessee. She also released her latest album, Ready to Get Rowdy, on her own Redneck Records last year.

Wilson soared to the top of the charts in 2004 with "Redneck Woman," her debut single from her freshman Here for the Party record. The song propelled Wilson to superstardom at a time when, in hindsight, she admits she may not have been prepared for it.

"I really wasn't ready for all of that. It was really shocking," Wilson tells The Boot. "I took my kid with me, too, on a lot of it. Can you imagine flying to Australia and worrying where the Ovaltine and diapers and stuff like that are? It was kind of nutty in the beginning."

Wilson spent more than 12 years working non-stop, before finally taking some much-needed time for herself after releasing Right on Time in 2013.

"I feel like everything got wore out, not just vocally, but I, just physically, got wore out, and I needed a little time off," Wilson recalls. "How fortunate am I? Not too many people get to go, 'I'm going to stay home with my kid for two years' -- not a lot of people get to do that -- so I feel very fortunate that I got to do that. But that time gave me the want-to to get creative, too ... It gave me time to think."

After taking time away, Wilson found she was ready to return to the spotlight again, with no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

"I would not be going back to work if I did not think it was the thing being written for me to do," Wilson maintains. "I'm nervous, and I'm excited. I'm apprehensive, but I'm also willing; there's probably a lot of words that I could come up with that describe how I feel. I think I feel like anybody would feel after having stepped away from something for a couple of years."

More information on Wilson can be found by visiting her website.


Photo Credit: Getty images/Michael Caulfield