Garth Brooks Reveals If Trisha Yearwood Will Join Stadium Tour

Garth Brooks just announced his three-year Stadium Tour, which will begin with his Oct. 20 [...]

Garth Brooks just announced his three-year Stadium Tour, which will begin with his Oct. 20 performance at Notre Dame. The Oklahoma native wrapped up his three-year World Tour at the end of 2017, which included his wife, Trisha Yearwood, as his opening act, but reveals she will not perform on his upcoming tour.

"The one comment we kept getting on the comeback tour was, we wish Trisha would have played longer," Brooks shared with at a media event. "That's always the thing. So to have her come out and do three or four songs and be gone, I think her love for music is deeper than that."

Brooks hints that his spouse might have her own plans in the works, which Brooks will wholeheartedly support.

"She's got probably her own tour that she'll be announcing, but we will not be apart," Brooks maintained. "She'll be there, and I'll be with her when she tours, because that's our goal is to spend as few nights as we can apart as a couple."

Brooks could easily spend every weekend on the road, but his love for Yearwood far outweighs anything else.

"I'm half of a human being," Brooks explained. "Trisha Yearwood is the other half. She gave me three and a half years of her life to go do what I wanted to do. If she wants to tour, she wants to do however many dates, I should be there with her. So I think I'll spend a lot of the next three years backstage, hoping that my wife is having the time of her life, because that's just going to make it better for me any time."

The country music superstar acknowledges that he initially considered creating another epic tour, before realizing it wasn't fair to Yearwood.

"I think being away from it so long, then coming back and getting a taste of it, and not just a taste of it, but being lucky enough to kind of pick up right where we left off, and it got even bigger, was a serious temptation to never leave it again," Brooks conceded. "But again, we've said this in this thing a thousand times, there's Trisha Yearwood's world, there's our world, so the playing won't be as much, but trust me, it'll be just as much enjoyed, if not more enjoyed, because you're not playing as much."

Brooks already knows what he will do after he wraps up his stadium tour in 2021. The 56-year-old plans to head out on a honky tonk tour next.

"Wouldn't that be the most fun thing on the planet? Now that would be fun," Brooks revealed exclusively to "Talk about completing the circle. Because when we played [Nashville bar] Layla's, everything just came back to the circle. And everything was centered on it. And I so enjoyed it. And this music was built for honky tonks."

Cities and venues will be posted on Brooks' website as available.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Taylor Hill