Garth Brooks Reveals Honky Tonk Tour Plans After Stadium Tour

Garth Brooks just announced he will embark on a three-year stadium tour, with his Oct. 20 concert [...]

Garth Brooks just announced he will embark on a three-year stadium tour, with his Oct. 20 concert at Notre Dame serving as the official kick-off. But even after the tour ends in 2021, the 56-year-old already knows what he will do next.

"A honky tonk tour!" Brooks revealed exclusively to "Wouldn't that be the most fun thing on the planet? Now that would be fun. Talk about completing the circle. Because when we played [Nashville bar] Layla's, everything just came back to the circle. And everything was centered on it. And I so enjoyed it. And this music was built for honky tonks."

Brooks knows he doesn't have to keep working, especially as hard as he does. But the Oklahoma native, who is the second best-selling artist of all time, has no plans of slowing down.

"Can you imagine someone going, 'I really want this,' and once you get it, going, 'Okay, I'm not going to do anything else?'" Brooks questioned. "Who's that for? The thing is, you woke up. You want to breathe it. Go to work. Explore ... So if this doesn't work, if it all ends, that doesn't change the first part."

"I think you just go out and play," he continued. "You have fun, and as long as this is allowed to happen, then it's going to happen. And the moment it's over, it would break my heart to think, 'I didn't try everything the moment that I could have tried it."

Brooks initially planned to focus on colleges for his upcoming tour, before expanding to sports venues as well.

"I wanted to call it the 'Big A-- Stadium Tour,' but they voted me down on that, so we're just going to call it the Stadium Tour for right now," Brooks shared at a media event. "It was going to be a college tour, but because of the cities, how they worked out, there's going to be some professional stadiums in it as well. So we're just gonna keep it at a Stadium Tour."

Brooks admits he is scared of performing in so many large venues night after night, which is exactly why he wants to do it.

"There's gonna be a lot of things that don't work," he said in the press conference announcing the tour. "But if you've ever been to a Garth show and surrounded by people that do not look at you, if you lose, as a failure, they look at you as somebody who's tried. And they encourage you to try again. It should be nothin' but just fun out there, when we first play, and I'm lookin' forward to bringing something like this to music, especially cuz it's our music, well, which was kind of built for fun and for the live stage movement. So, I'm really excited."

All of Brooks' upcoming shows will be posted on his website as available.

Photo Credit: Getty images/C Flanigan