Garth Brooks Injured His Hand When a Saw 'Collapsed' on Him

Garth Brooks rescheduled his live interactive album preview last month due to a hand injury, and the singer opened up about what happened during an interview with Bobby Bones on The Bobby Bones Show last week. Brooks shared that his accident happened in early October when he was loading a chopsaw and was holding "the back end of it, which is the safe end of it."

"The damn thing collapsed on me," he said. "When I felt it, I didn't want to see it, so I took my right hand and just kind of felt my left hand to make sure all my parts were there. I got lucky, everybody's been so sweet to ask. It's going to be black and blue for a while, but I got really, really lucky."

Brooks' wife Trisha Yearwood noted that this was "not the first time" her husband had a farm incident. "It's (just) the only one that everybody knows about," she said, adding that "last time," Brooks "had like blood over his eyebrow."

"I'm like, 'What happened?'" she recalled. "And he's like, 'I don't know, I'm fine, I did this a few hours ago, I'm sure it's fine.' He really needed a stitch, but he didn't get one. He's careful, but stuff happens on a farm, so I'm always happy when he comes back with all his limbs."

Brooks' album preview was for his upcoming release, Fun, which will arrive on Nov. 20. The show was rescheduled and allowed Brooks to share the album with fans, as well as his and Yearwood's cover of "Shallow" from A Star Is Born.

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Yearwood explained that she and Brooks first performed the song earlier this year at a fan request during a Facebook Live show and later for their special on CBS. She noted that even though Brooks received a suggestion to record the song for Fun, he didn't initially think the cover would make the final cut.

"Because it was the biggest hit for them [A Star Is Born stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper]... why would we do this?" Yearwood recalled. "And then we just really liked how it came out, so here it is."


The song is set to go to country radio as Brooks' next single, though he admitted to agreeing to cut the song "knowing it would never make the record." The Oklahoma native that everything changed for him when his wife began to sing and the song "went to some other level."