Gabby Barrett Praises Husband Cade Foehner Amid First Pregnancy: 'He's Just Been Very Nice'

Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner are expecting their first child, a daughter, in a matter of days, [...]

Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner are expecting their first child, a daughter, in a matter of days, and as Barrett prepares to give birth, her husband has been right by her side. "He's just been very nice. He rubs my feet every single night. He's been extra, extra thoughtful," Barrett told PEOPLE. "And pregnancy can sometimes bring on mood swings and all of those crazy things from the lovely hormones."

"He's just been very patient about it and very understanding," she added, joking that she hopes her daughter "gets Cade's hair, not mine. He has much nicer hair than I do." Barrett also shared that she and Foehner are looking forward to entering "this new stage in life" and are already planning to expand their family. "We're ready to add on to our family and get some babies in there," she said. "I definitely want to have more than one in the future, for sure."

The 20-year-old shared that her third trimester has "definitely been the hardest" and that she's due by the end of January. "I can't do normal things that I want to do. I get so tired so quickly," she reflected. "I want to clean the house and make sure everything's so clean, but it's so hard to bend down and it's hard to roll over when you sleep."

On Jan. 12, Barrett shared an update on her pregnancy with fans, posting a photo of a tiny pink outfit with the caption "Any day now.." "You are going to be one amazing Mama," her husband commented. Three days later, Foehner shared a photo with his wife and wrote that they were marking their "Last dinner without a little one." "Astounded this is the woman and soon to be little one that I get to shepherd," he shared. "May the Lord Jesus give me grace, for they deserve so much more than this pitiful man can give."

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Barrett and Foehner married in October 2019 and were able to spend more time together in 2020 than they were originally planning due to the pandemic. "That first year you get to really figure out the person and how to share your space with somebody else," Barrett said. "And that's been actually really, really enjoyable. This time has made me become even closer to him."

"It was really nice to have normal, more intimate conversations that didn't always revolve around music, but around family stuff," she added. "That was really nice."