Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard Reveals Upcoming Son's Full Name

Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard and his wife, Hayley Hubbard, already announced that their upcoming son, due in August, would be named Luca. But now the singer is revealing the boy's full name, with the middle name in honor of Hubbard.

"We liked the name Luca, thought it was kind of American but kind of cultured as well," Hubbard shared with his record label. "And also it means bringer of light. So we kind of thought that was cool. And the middle name Reed is my middle name, so we just want to carry that over. [We] thought it kind of had a little ring to it, Luca Reed. I can't take a lot of credit. My wife's the one that came up with all that, but I definitely agree and think it's a cool name."

Hubbard often brags about Hayley and her parenting skills, which are already evident with their 1-year-old daughter, Olivia. Hubbard recently shared a video of the mother and daughter, praising Hayley for taking such good care of their little girl.

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"Just in case y'all wondered where Liv gets her sweetness from," Hubbard shared, using the hashtags [like mother like daughter] and [eskimo] kisses.

Hubbard's family is joining him on the road for much of FGL's Can't Say I Ain't Country Tour, allowing Hubbard to spend a lot of time with Olivia, and soon, Luca as well.

"I know we have an extra bunk on the bus for another baby so we'll just roll with it and see what happens," Hubbard said of bringing his family on the road. "We've done it once and it's only been a year, so I think we're kind of in our groove a little bit. Hopefully it'll make it easier than waiting too long to have another one. We're still in diapers with one, so hopefully it'll just transition right into the next one."

Their bus also makes room for a nanny, who travels with them on the road.


"We have a lot of great help. We have a nanny who's really, really amazing and helpful," Hubbard acknowledged. "I think that the key to life is really surrounding yourself with a good team and good people that you trust and people that can really help this crazy life that we do live kind of flow as seamless as possible. So we're excited. We feel good about it."

Photo Credit: Getty / Mindy Small