Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard Earns Praise From Wife Hayley as They Prepare for Baby No. 2

Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard is earning high praise from his wife, Hayley Hubbard, as they prepare to welcome their second child. Hayley boasted about the singer on social media, alongside a romantic photo of the pair.

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"Love that he looks at me like this at my best and at my worst or most vulnerable and insecure moments in life," Hayley wrote. "Whether I'm in full glam or I'm 9 months pregnant, no makeup, tired, gained 40 lbs, and varicose veins and all, he still sees me for me. Basically what I'm saying, girls (and guys), is never settle, the good ones are out there!!"

Hayley also shared another photo capturing a sweet mommy-daughter moment with their 1-year-old, Olivia. The photos were taken at a star-studded party at their home, celebrating Italian fashion designer, Dolce & Gabbana.

"This girl," using the flower and joy emojis. "Soaking up all these moments with her before August 19 gets here. [dress] @dolcegabbana [hair] @castillo_13 [make-up] @kristencarbine"

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The Hubbards will welcome their son Luca Reed later this month, with Hubbard hoping the name is a bit prophetic.

"We liked the name Luca, thought it was kind of American but kind of cultured as well," Hubbard explained. "And also it means bringer of light. So we kind of thought that was cool. And the middle name Reed is my middle name, so we just want to carry that over. [We] thought it kind of had a little ring to it, Luca Reed. I can't take a lot of credit. My wife's the one that came up with all that, but I definitely agree and think it's a cool name."

Hayley might be proud of her husband, but the love clearly goes both ways, with Hubbard crediting both Hayley and his duo partner, Brian Kelley's wife, Brittney Kelley, with much of their success.

"They kind of help us evolve into grownups that look at life from a grown-up perspective, and a different responsibility as humans that have been really blessed to now give back," Hubbard boasted. "And then, to now take care of our environment; we get to feel how much fulfillment that gives us. It's way more fulfillment than throwing the biggest party on the road. Things like that kind of get old pretty quickly and aren't very fulfilling. So for us, we've just found happiness in giving back and being the best versions of ourself that we can be, and taking care of ourselves physically, emotionally spiritually.


"I gotta give our wives a lot of credit for that," he continued. "We've got a lot of good people around us that also deserve credit but our wives are the ones that really inspire and really push us and help us become the best we can be."

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