Florida Georgia Line Calls Sexy 'Talk You Out of It' Video 'Quite the Experience'

Florida Georgia Line has filmed plenty of videos over the last several years, but both Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley admit their latest one, "Talk You Out of It" is their favorite, only because they got to show off their real-life wives, Hayley Hubbard and Brittney Kelley.

"They were into it," Hubbard boasted of their wives. "It didn't take too much convincing and I do think for us, it kind of made it more special and more real. And I mean obviously we wouldn't have done that with any other girls, so we would've had to bring in actors and all that. And we figured, you know what, how do we capture a sexy love song with a male duo? You know what I'm saying?

"But we had a great time," he continued. "It was cool to just get to showcase them and their beauty and kind of let them be the stars and just a fun overall experience, the whole video. And I never would've thought we'd be taking a shower in front of a camera. So it was quite the experience."

"Talk You Out of It" is the second single from Florida Georgia Line's latest Can't Say I Ain't Country album, released on Feb. 15.

"It's been a blast, but it's taken a long time," Kelley told PopCulture.com of making their latest record. "We're so glad it took this long because we really got to spend a lot of time letting the songs kind of live out and seeing if we really did love them as much as we did, and let songs come in, continue to write. And we just really feel like we ended up with the best record we've done thus far."

Their latest project shows how much the guys' lives have evolved since their freshman Here's to the Good Times was released in 2012, including both Hubbard and Kelley getting married, and Hubbard getting ready to welcome his second child, a boy, in August.

"I think every record we put out represents where we're at at a current time and where we want to be. This one, I think it's better," Kelley said. "The music's better. The songs are better. The lyrics are better. I think our voices sound even better. We've been working hard on our voices still to this day. So I think everything is just tighter"

"You never want to paint the same thing, you never want to do things the same way," he continued. "You always want to elevate your game, do something a little different. Give your fans a little taste of something left that you can do, that's what makes an artist, we believe. And so we're always chasing that."


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Photo Credit: Getty / John Shearer