FGL's Brian Kelley Offers Reward For Vandals Who Destroyed Tribe Kelley Teepee

Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley is reaching out to social media for help in catching four vandals, who destroyed a teepee outside of Tribe Kelley, the clothing store in downtown Nashville owned by Kelley and his wife, Brittany.

"Last night around 1:30 AM these four individuals came onto the @tribekelleytradingpost property and vandalized our Teepee," Kelley shared over the weekend. "Lucky for us we have surveillance footage - PLEASE SWIPE and watch! If you recognize anyone in this video we are offering $5,000 reward for a name or names. DM me. Let’s go. PLEASE SHARE and let’s find these vandals."

The grainy videos show four people initially trying to take the teepee down, with three of them running away before the last one, a female, tried a little bit longer before also fleeing.

"Get it girl! We are going to find out who you are," Kelley quipped on the last video, along with a winking emoji.

The store is part of Florida Georgia Line's new compound, which also houses their Tree Vibez publishing company and FGL's Meet + Greet venue.

Vandals aside, things are certainly looking up for the pair. The duo, which also includes Tyler Hubbard, recently shared a photo of them on Instagram in the studio.

"Listening back," they wrote. "Can’t wait to share this new music with y’all!"

(Photo: Instagram/floridageorgialine)

Florida Georgia Line just released "Talk You Out of It," the second single from their upcoming, still-untitled fourth studio album, following their recent No. 1 hit, "Simple."

“I think it’s pretty simple," Hubbard explained. "I think with every album we do we just try to evolve as our life has. [We] try to write the best songs that we possibly can and find the best songs that we possibly can between the last album and the current album, and just record the best songs that we can find and songs that we connect with and songs that we think our fans will."


Download "Talk You Out of It" on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Rebecca Sapp