Eric Church on His 'Some of It' Single: 'It's an Adult Song'

Eric Church will likely soon score another No. 1 hit with "Some of It," his second single from his 2018 Desperate Man album. The song, which Church wrote with Jeff Hyde, Clint Daniels and Bobby Pinson, almost didn't even make it onto Desperate Man, which is what makes the song so special to him.

"That's a song, a coming-of-age song," Church said, via his record label. "It's an adult song. It's adult music. If you listen to the thematics in that and what it's about, it's about being older and having some wisdom about you. I think that's something that I appreciate in my fan base now that early on probably wasn't there. We were young and drunk and fighting and stupid. But I think now to see them grow – to see the fan base grow – it's just one of those songs that came along at the right time.

"And again, it was such a blessing that happened," he continued. "It wasn't going to be on the album. It was just one of those freak things that I put it on the album, the last song on the album. The album was done, and all of a sudden it becomes one of the pillars on the album. I think again, you go back to it's one of the great things about music, is you just never know what's going to happen until it's all said and done. You can try to plan all you want to, but you'll probably not going to figure it out."

It was Church's wife, Katherine, who convinced Church to include "Some of It" on his sixth studio album.

"I was playing the album for a dear friend of ours, and my wife was with me," Church recounted. "This person loved the album, but my wife said, 'But let me play you what didn't make it.' The first thing she played was 'Some of It.' And I hadn't listened to it in a while, and it was always a favorite song of mine. It's why it was the first one we took in, and I listened to it that night and I'm like…I'm gonna regret if I don't record this song."

"And it just fit in the dialogue, it fit into what the entire album's talking about and, it really made the album," he added. "I loved the album before it was on there, but it might be my favorite album now that it's on there."

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Photo Credit: Getty / Tim Mosenfelder