Eric Church Made 'Solid' Decision to Include Track on 'Desperate Man'

Eric Church co-wrote "Solid," with Anders Osborne, which is included on his recent Desperate Man album. But while the tune wasn't written for his latest project, Church couldn't find a home for the anthemic tune, until Desperate Man.

"Songs find their spots and they find their types, and I think this is one of those instances," Church acknowledged. "This song had been around, had been fighting for a lot of spots for a couple records, and on this album, honestly, it was perfect."

Church loves everything about the track, which was produced by his longtime collaborator, Jay Joyce.

"I love the intro," boasted Church. "I love the way we bring the track in. And then I just love how, anytime you're listening to a track; I was listening back to this back in the studio, and I can still see four or five people with cigarettes, and they just had this head-bobbing thing going on. It's got a great vibe."

"Solid," which says "In a great big world, spinnin' around / People walkin' around on shaky ground / My foundation's solid / Like a vessel gettin' tossed on the big blue sea / Tryin' to rock me off my feet / It's you that keeps me solid," became a perfect representation of who Church is, and what he believes.

"When you talk about 'Solid' and you talk about believing in who you are, and the core of who you are, I think that you could really boil this whole record down to that track," explained the singer. "It really does encompass how I view myself, my belief, and where we are not only personally but musically."

"Solid" is one of 11 songs on Desperate Man, a record released nearly three years after his previous Mr. Misunderstood.

"The reason it's called Desperate Man is from a point in time in the process where I became desperate to find an album," Church explained. "We approached this album just like we approach every album. We have a creative group of people. My manager, John Peets, my wife Katherine, [publisher] Arthur Buenahora, Jay Joyce, the producer, and myself, and we go in and take a batch of songs that we've been working on and they rate them one to four stars.

"And the four stars songs across the board – I get two votes even though they'll deny that – the maximum amount is basically 20 points that you can get," he continued. "So, the songs that we started with for Desperate Man were the 20-point songs. The cannot miss, these are the ones, and after three songs in the studio, none of those three songs are on the album."

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Photo Credit: Getty images / Erika Goldring