Dustin Lynch 'Happy to Get Back After It' With At-Home Bud Light Dive Bar Tour Performance (Exclusive)

Dustin Lynch is the latest artist to headline Bud Light's Dive Bar Tour: Home Edition, preparing to entertain fans with an at-home concert at 9 p.m. ET on Friday, April 17 on his Instagram and Facebook pages. The at-home performance will be Lynch's first-ever live stream concert, and he told PopCulture.com that "We're going to kick it off in style tonight."

"I'm here at the house and I've got a great little bar downstairs so it'll be the first show ever down there at that bar," the 34-year-old shared. "I'm just going to have fun. I think what's great about these Instagram Lives, I'm a music fan first and foremost so I've been watching shows happen, is just the interaction of the people that are in the audience, kind of letting the fans steer where the show goes. I'm sure they'll have requests. There may be some time to play songs that I don't get to play on tour or something like that. I've been writing new music here and there while in quarantine, so I may bust out a new something. We'll just see."

(Photo: Bud Light)

Lynch is one of thousands of musicians who have been pushed off the road by the coronavirus, and he shared that the break from performing has led him to miss the stage. "One thing I've realized while being self-quarantined is for the past decade, literally, we've been on the road or, if we haven't been on the road, we've been here in Nashville either recording, or in some sort of way I'm kind of exercising my musical bone," the Tennessee native explained. "So in the house without having anybody to truly interact with or play for, I realized I started missing that. I'm missing that buzz. There is a bit of a high you get whenever you perform. So I'm happy to get back after it tonight."

Bud Light's Dive Bar Tour: Home Edition is raising funds for the American Red Cross and is also focused on spreading awareness of the importance of social distancing. "It's so important and it's such a great thing Bud Light's doing using a platform to raise and do some good in the world," Lynch said, joking, "A lot of good will be done tonight, hopefully I don't screw that up."


He also reflected on the incredible reach of Instagram Live as a platform, sharing that it's an opportunity for his own fans to enjoy a performance as well as potential listeners. "I think the reach, especially with the platform, you get people that are just at home surfing around," he mused. "They see somebody playing music they honestly would never even know of them to buy a ticket to and they get to get eyes and ears on somebody. So hopefully we'll make some new fans in addition to raising some great awareness for everybody tonight. Hopefully reach out there and touch some new fans, make new fans for myself and country music in general."