'Dancing With the Stars': Bobby Bones Has Already Given Lauren Alaina Plenty of Advice

Bobby Bones is the reigning Dancing With the Stars champion, so he clearly knows what it takes to win the coveted Mirrorball trophy. The award-winning radio host is the one who convinced Lauren Alaina to compete in Season 28 of the reality TV talent show this fall, and he is already coaching the country singer to a hopeful victory.

“I have given her about a thousand hours of advice,” Bones told Country Now. “She calls me about every night now, which is fantastic. I’m like, ‘Lauren, whatever you need, anytime.’ She’s taken me up on that.”

Alaina performed on DWTS last season, which is when Bones had the idea for the American Idol alum to compete this season.

“I was like, ‘Lauren, this show is right up your alley,'” Bones recounted. “She doesn’t know how to dance. I was like, ‘I don’t either.'”

Alaina might have two left feet when it comes to the dance floor, but Bones insists that isn't what will determine her success on the show.

“People are gonna fall in love with her,” Bones insisted. “I am Lauren Alaina all the way, me and all my people are. We’re very excited for her.”

Alaina already admitted she was nervous about appearing on Dancing With the Stars, based on her lack of dancing ability.

"I think I might be the worst dancer," Alaina told iHeartRadio station, The Bull. "I did competitive cheerleading. I was always in the back. I would tell people it was because I was the tallest. I think it was because I was the worst."

Alaina, who appeared with Bones on Celebrity Family Feud earlier this year, hints that their entire friendship might be on the line.

"If I get out the first week, I'm never talking to him again," Alaina vowed. "That will be the end of our friendship."

Season 28 hasn't even begun, and Alaina acknowledges she is already having problems.

"They already gave me my dance shoes, and I can't even walk in them," said Alaina. "They're so weird! Pray for me please."

Bones won the controversial Season 27 with dancing pro Sharna Burgess, who revealed she will not return for Season 28. Other celebrities appearing on Dancing With the Stars this season include Karamo Brown, Hannah Brown, James Van Der Beek, Ray Lewis, Kate Flannery, Ally Brooke, Lamar Odom, Kel Mitchell, Sean Spicer, Christie Brinkley and Mary Wilson.


Season 28 will premiere on on Sept. 16 at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo Credit: Getty images / John Shearer