Country Music Artist Easton Corbin Collaborates With EDM Artist Lost Frequencies for First Time (Exclusive)

As the world of country music continues to grow, so does the genre's sound. Country music artist Easton Corbin's traditional yet unique sound — as heard in hits like "A Little More Country Than That" — has taken a new turn in his career after partnering with electronic dance music artist Felix De Laet, otherwise known for his stage name, Lost Frequencies. In an exclusive interview with, Corbin complimented the Belgian DJ, gushing over the great job he did bringing the sound together for their new track, "One More Night."

"He certainly did a great job on bringing that together. The country aspect versus the EDM," Corbin said. While this was the first time Corbin and the DJ collaborated together, it's not the first of Corbin's songs Laet has mixed. The country music star's song "Are You With Me" is one of Laet's most popular songs yet. Corbin said he had no idea Laet created something new until one of his friends mentioned it to him.

"It's actually kinda the first time we've collaborated together," Corbin confessed. "The last song that he had that I had recorded was called 'Are You With Me' and I had no idea he did a remix until a buddy of mine one night called me and was like, 'Hey, man. I just heard your song, 'Are You With Me' on the EDM station.' I'm like, 'What, what are you talking about?' And he's like, 'Dude, I swear, you gotta check it out.'" Despite the lack of country sound to it, Corbin really took kindly to the remix saying, "It's pretty cool. It's actually really cool!"

"One More Night" released on Friday and Corbin said he's been anticipating fans hearing the new sound. "I think he did a great job on this one, and I just can't wait to get out there and introduce the world to it," he said. Although he feels fans may think it would be the "last thing" they would expect from him, given the non-traditional take mixed in with his country roots, he does find their collaboration to be a "really cool opportunity" to "bring country music to another format and to a whole new group" of people.

While they've managed to bring something super exciting to the table, given the ongoing pandemic across the world right now, Corbin did admit that he's more than ready to get back to work. With the future of businesses, entertainment and live music up in the air at the moment, Corbin said he does anticipate getting back to business as usual starting in September if things go as planned.