Cole Swindell Hopes For an Invitation to Lauren Alaina's Wedding

Cole Swindell will hit the road this fall with Lauren Alaina, on his Reason to Drink ... Another Tour with Dustin Lynch. After spending time with Alaina earlier this year, on his inaugural Reason to Drink Tour, the "Break Up in the End" singer hopes to snag an invitation to Alaina's upcoming wedding to longtime boyfriend Alex Hopkins.

"Maybe I'll get invited because it's going to be a good time," Swindell tells PEOPLE. "It's gonna be a party, I guarantee. It'll be a wedding but it's gonna be a party. She's so fun and she likes to have a good time. But she's getting married, so hey, she might calm down."

Alaina, who is spending her summer opening for Jason Aldean on his High Noon Neon Tour, brings Hopkins on the road whenever she can, and Swindell is quickly becoming a fan of the couple.

"We get to hang with her and Alex out on the road so looking forward to seeing what happens on this tour and having a good time," Swindell says.

"[Lauren]'s unbelievable. Her personality, her energy and not to mention she's one of the best singers in country music," he adds. "She was out with us earlier in the year on the first leg of the Reason to Drink Tour … She's one of the funniest people you'll ever be around."

The 35-year-old, who just released his third studio album, All of It, might have to fly solo to Alaina's nuptials, since he is, for now, unattached.

"I'm single but I've been in relationships and I've been through [the] lyrics of 'Breakup in the End' and know what that's like," Swindell concedes. "There are love songs on [the record], like 'I'll Be Your Small Town,' that I hope when I settle down I can be that for somebody, but right now I'm focused on the album. Hopefully, it'll happen when it's supposed to happen."

For now, Swindell is content to be on his own, although he admits dating as a celebrity brings an entirely new set of challenges.

"I certainly do want to settle down," he tells "I've said that before, I do want a family and all, but I feel like my career is something I've been focused on and it's really affected my personal relationships as far as dating and stuff like that, because iI'm busy, [and] it's hard to trust if you don't know what anybody's after."

Swindell's own parents divorced when he was a child, and he hopes to spare his future children from the pain he went through.

"That's something I always prayed – and maybe I'll find somebody," he continues. "If I ever do, I just I won't have to worry about all that stuff, but here I am and you do. But you can't live like that. It's gonna happen when it's gonna happen and, like I said, I just want it to be right. I think going through what I've gone through as a kid, I just want to make sure it's right when it's right, and I don't want to put anybody through the things that I've been through. Just looking for the right time."


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Photo Credit: Getty images/Mindy Small