Cole Swindell Releases Emotional 'Break Up in the End' Video

You may not be able to go back in time in real life, but Cole Swindell certainly does in the [...]

You may not be able to go back in time in real life, but Cole Swindell certainly does in the newly-released video for his latest single, "Break Up in the End."

With opening lines that say, "I'd still walk in that bar a little drunk / I'd still ask you what you're drinking, what's your name / I'd still kiss you by the shuffleboard, last call at 2AM / Even though we break up in the end," the video, directed by Jay Martin, shows Swindell and the woman he loves who leaves, doing everything in reverse, ending the video with the night they meet.

"I think this video is so important," Swindell shared with at a recent media event. "I've lived it and I'm gonna be all right. I think they picked an actress that has also been through that too and I think the auditions were based on, 'Talk about yourself.'"

The 34-year-old admitted that acting in a video doesn't come naturally to him, but his acting chops are at least getting better over time.

"Thankfully, we've shot a few now, and I know that the longer I take, the longer we're gonna be there, so you better just pretend nobody's watching and just do it," said Swindell. "You get self-conscious when people are looking at you and you're trying to act a certain way or do this certain thing. But like anything else, the more you do it, the more comfortable you get ... I remember shooting 'Chillin' It,' my first video, and how nervous I was and how awkward I was."

With seven No. 1 hits to his credit, and the hope of more, Swindell knew the format of "Break Up in the End" made it a risk at radio, but he felt strongly enough in the message to gamble on it.

"You hope it goes No. 1, but I think after being successful, having several of those, with me picking this song, this message was more important to me than just maybe one that was so catchy that maybe would be a No. 1," Swindell explained. "I've been given a voice and I think I can say what I want now, whether it be fun or this kinda song like 'Break Up in the End.' I'm just thankful that I get to release songs that mean stuff to people."

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Photo Credit: Instagram/ColeSwindell