CMA Awards: Luke Combs Steps out With Fiancee Nicole Hocking in Sharp Suit

Luke Combs showed off his fashionable side on the red carpet of the Country Music Awards on Wednesday. He stepped out in a dark burgundy suit with black accents and a black button-up paired with black cowboy boots. Combs was joined by his fiancée Nichole Hocking, who wore a shiny, low-cut silver dress.

luke combs
(Photo: Getty Images)

The couple announced last November that they are engaged. And while a specific date hasn't been set, Combs told PEOPLE that’ll it will happen in 2020. “I’ll give you a hint. It’s one of the days next year," Combs told the magazine. "One out of 365. We’re actually a lot farther along than I think we both thought we would be with our schedules. I’m excited about it. I really am. I’m looking forward to that day quite a bit.

“Everything that you do is scrutinized or put in the public light, so it can be like: How do we do this?” Combs said about the wedding.. “I don’t like the word ‘celebrity wedding,’ but how do you get a venue? Me and her would want to go look at the venue and make sure we like it. How do you go there and make sure that people working there aren’t going to say, ‘Hey, these people are getting married here?'”

When the two started dating in 2016, Combs was a relative unknown in country music but his career skyrocketed after six consecutive chart-topping singles.

"I definitely struggled with it at times,” he said, talking about his newfound fame. “I dealt with it probably a lot last year as things were really taking off and really getting kicked into high gear. But I’ve definitely pushed past all that stuff now.”

“I just kinda kept moving forward,” he continued. “I mean, that was it. There wasn’t any time to stop anyway. So the best medication was just to work through things. And I’m definitely way more at peace now with it than I was a year ago, which is a great thing. I’m definitely in a great headspace now with this new album and ready to put it out and excited for all of the challenges that it presents.”


If this music thing hadn’t panned out, Combs told Jimmy Kimmel last week that he would’ve been a detective.

"My major was Criminal Justice," he said. "I wanted to be a homicide detective, which is actually what I wanted to do. People are pretty surprised by a lot of times. But if you’ve noticed, I don’t actually have the physical build of a police officer necessarily."