Chuck Wicks and Wife Kasi Expecting First Child Together After Infertility Struggle

Radio personality and singer Chuck Wicks and his wife Kasi are expecting their first child together, telling PEOPLE that their upcoming arrival is "a miracle." After trying to get pregnant for months, the couple sought medical help and learned that their issue was male infertility. "As a man, the last thing you want someone to tell you is you can't do this," Wicks admitted. "It makes you feel small. It makes you feel like you're not a man."

The couple began in vitro fertilization and one of Kasi's eggs was able to be fertilized. "It was just one egg, one sperm, and it actually worked," she said. The 36-year-old later underwent an embryo transfer and she is now pregnant with the couple's son, who is due in December. "I see this incubator come in," Wicks recalled of the day Kasi received the embryo transfer, "and I just start sobbing because I knew inside that incubator was my little boy." Kasi, who is Jason Aldean's sister, is already mom to three children from a previous relationship — Avery, 9, Madison, 19, and Makenzie, 21, the latter two of whom were adopted during her previous marriage. She married Wicks in July 2019 and said that while she thought he was "done" having kids, she couldn't imagine not having a child with her now-husband.

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"It's just such a miracle, such a blessing," Wicks said of their upcoming arrival. "The fact that we had to go this route makes us realize even more how special having a child is." Wicks and Kasi explained that they wanted to share their journey to give hope to others who may be struggling after hearing other couples' stories lifted their own spirits. "We started hearing a lot of very similar stories that had successful outcomes, so I think it gave us that hope that, okay, maybe this can work for us, too," Kasi said.

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Both Wicks and Kasi also shared their happy news on Instagram and Wicks wrote that he has "dreamed of this moment for a long time." "It has been an emotional roller coaster, to say the least," he wrote. "We are so thankful for the IVF process and our amazing Drs. and nurses. Sending prayers and all the positive vibes to anyone going through a difficult time bringing a baby into the world. We know how it feels to want it so bad."On her own page, Kasi added that she is "feeling beyond thankful and blessed," sharing a caption similar to her husband's.