Chris Stapleton Determined to Keep His Children out of the Spotlight

Chris Stapleton is proud of his four children, including his twin boys who were born in April, but he isn't about to post pictures of them on social media. The 40-year-old says that respecting their privacy is one of his most important roles as a father.

"I signed up for this," Stapleton explained to The Boot. "My children did not. I am a very private person, and in that respect, I keep my children out of it. They're children, and they deserve the chance to be children."

Stapleton's wife, Morgane, sings with Stapleton, and is also photographed with him, but for him, that's different because she could have chosen to remain out of the spotlight instead of sharing it with her husband.

"My wife comes out [in the public eye], and she's an adult, so she can choose to do that," Stapleton explains. "My children did not make that choice, and [sharing their lives is], for me, kind of off limits."

Stapleton and Morgane share life on and off the road, and also share in their generosity. The couple announced they launched their Outlaw State of Kind charity, which helps a variety of causes.

"OSOK is Chris + Morgane Stapleton's charitable fund that supports a variety of causes close to their heart," they announce. "We look forward to using this platform as a way to shine a light on the organizations OSOK supports."

The Kentucky native's latest single, "Millionaire," is from his From a Room: Volume 2 album, released in December.

"I love that song," Stapleton said in a press release. "I would always sit around the house playing that song to myself on guitar. It's fun to play. It's fun to sing. It's a great melody. It's great lyrics. It's great everything. To me, that's a great song, and I just loved it so it was time to do it."

Although Stapleton hasn't revealed which track he will release next, he does hint that it might be a while before he releases a new album.

"We'll probably not be recording anything real soon," says Stapleton. "It may be a minute. We'll tour off these two records. They've got a lot of life in 'em as far as touring goes, so I'm sure whatever the next right thing is to do will present itself, and then I'll look at it dead in the eye and go, 'Alright, let's go.'"


Stapleton will perform with the Eagles Saturday night, June 23, in Dallas, Tex. He is also on his All-American Road Show Tour, where he is joined by Marty Stuart and Brent Cobb. A list of all of Stapleton's upcoming shows can be found by visiting his website.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Jason Kempin