Chris Lane Vows to 'Stay out of the Way' With Wedding Plans to 'The Bachelor' Alum Lauren Bushnell

Chris Lane and The Bachelor alum Lauren Bushnell have just started planning their upcoming wedding, but Lane already knows what his role is, which is to give his future bride the wedding of her dreams. While they are working on the details of their special day, the singer vows to leave all of the plans up to her, and to only offer assistance if she asks for it.

"If she needs me to help out with anything, I will certainly do that once we get to that point," Lane told E! News. "Other than that, if there's nothing for me to do, I will definitely just stay out of the way. I'll do what her dad would do and just hit the golf course and let her just plan it all out the way that she would want it to be."

The celebrity couple has enjoyed much of their relationship in the public eye, sharing updates and personal photos on social media. Still, while not much of their lives is kept private, Lane and Bushnell have yet to decide what from their big day they will share with their fans.

"Either way, it doesn't matter to me," Lane said. "I just want it to be obviously a special day for both of us, but I want it to be everything that she wants and more, so whatever she would be willing to show and want to do is whatever I want to do."

The "Big, Big Plans" singer proposed to Bushnell in front of her family, in her parents' backyard on Father's Day. Lane already feels close to his future in-laws, but that didn't mean asking her father for his daughter's hand in marriage was easy for him.

"I'm really comfortable around her family," said Lane. "I'm really comfortable around her parents and her dad and I kind of hit it off from the very beginning. I love the fact that he loves golf. We love golf the same – he plays pretty much every day. So, every time I'm with them, he takes me out there to play and it's such a good thing and fun thing for us to do.

"But, I don't know why I got so nervous when I asked for his daughter's hand," he continued. "He obviously could tell that I was nervous and he was like, 'Man, we would be so happy and honored to have you a part of our family and have you marry our daughter.' So, I was glad to get that off my shoulders."


Photo Credit: Getty images / Jason Kempin