Chris Lane Posts Video of New Wife Lauren Bushnell Showing off Her Cheerleading Moves

It may have been a few years since The Bachelor alum Lauren Bushnell Lane was in high school, but she still remembers her cheerleading moves, which her new husband, Chris Lane proudly showed off. The newlyweds were apparently working out together at the gym when Bushnell broke into one her former routines, with Lane capturing it all on video.

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"[Lauren Lane] showing me her high school cheerleading moves!" Lane captioned the video.

Fans were quick to chime in on the video, praising Lauren's moves.

"[Oh my God] you two are beyond cute!!" wrote one fan.

"Workin' on her night moves," quipped another.

"She's the freaking best!!!!" one person wrote. "Best sense of humor you two."

The couple is happily adjusting to married life, even though much of their adjustment has been with Lane on the road.

"I think there's been a lot of surprises along the way for her," Lane told "She's never been involved in this world, and as an artist you're constantly gone, gone, gone, gone. Sometimes your wife can go with you. But it's really hard, especially if they don't necessarily love being away from home. It's an interesting lifestyle, at the end of the day."

Lane proposed to Lauren on Father's Day at her family's Washington home, tying the knot in a surprise ceremony in October. Although their engagement wasn't long, Lane knew early on that Bushnell was the one for him.

"We knew each other really well," Lane explained. "I feel like we had the chance to do that, obviously, and a short engagement and all that, but it's been really good and she understands at this point what I have to do for my career. And I'm very thankful for that because finding someone who's understanding is hard to do sometimes."

Lane wrote his current single, "Big, Big Plans," was written as part of his proposal to Lauren, never intending for it to become a single at radio.


"I least expected that to happen, because I had no intention of releasing this song outside of just giving it to her," Lane acknowledged. "I wrote it specifically for her in that moment and wanted to use it to propose, and then it turned into my next single because fans were asking for it. Then I started playing it live at the shows and people were screaming, and now we're like, 'Maybe it should be a single.' The fans chose my last one ['I Don't Know About You'] and it was No. 1, so hopefully the same recipe will happen this time."

Photo Credit: Getty / John Shearer