Carrie Underwood Reveals She Spent $600 on Makeup Because of Pregnancy Insomnia

Carrie Underwood is just weeks away from giving birth to her second child, and the singer used Twitter on Friday, Dec. 21 to reveal that she is currently suffering from pregnancy-induced insomnia, which has led her to do quite a bit of shopping while she was awake in the early hours of the morning.

After tweeting that she had been up for two hours, the "Love Wins" singer revealed that she had done some damage online and would be receiving a pretty big order in the mail soon.

"Worst part about insomnia = waking up this morning to see what I bought online while I was up. I just realized I spent over $600 on make up," Underwood wrote, adding the very relatable hashtags, #SeemedLikeAGoodIdeaAtTheTime, #HelpMe, #TakeAwayMyShoppingApps and #ButThereWasASale.

The Oklahoma native's initial tweet found her hoping that said insomnia might strike someone else, namely her husband, Mike Fisher.

"Dear pregnancy insomnia," she wrote. "Please go bother someone dads. Go bother dads. My husband sleeps so soundly and peacefully and I've been awake for 2 hours (so far). How is this fair? Imma lose my mind!"

Ahead of her little one's arrival, Underwood is preparing to spend Christmas with Fisher, their son, Isaiah, and the family's two dogs, Ace and Penny. In fact, Underwood even used a snap of Penny for a recent Christmas meme, sharing a photo of her dog making a worried face with the caption, "The look you give when someone asks you if you've got all your Christmas shopping done..."

While she might not have her shopping done, the American Idol winner has been wrapping some presents, though Ace doesn't seem to be a big fan of the process.


"Why does my dog, Ace, go hide when I'm wrapping Christmas presents?" Underwood tweeted this week. "I promise I'm wrapping with lots of Christmas cheer!"

Photo Credit: Getty / JB Lacroix