Carrie Underwood Reveals How She Spent Her 9th Wedding Anniversary With Mike Fisher

Carrie Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary on July 10. Now, the American Idol alum is sharing how the couple spent the day, revealing that they kept their celebration pretty low-key.

"We didn't do much," Underwood told PEOPLE. "We had gotten horses recently and I hadn't gotten to really get to know them because my life has been nutso. So we took the horses out and I got to ride for the first time."

Underwood and Fisher also managed to get dressed up and head out for a romantic dinner, but only for a little while.

"There's this cute little restaurant that's literally five minutes away from our house and that's really where we go the most," the singer added. "Call somebody to come watch the kids and sneak away and we're back in like an hour and a half ... The anniversary was good."

Underwood previously shared a few photos from their anniversary on social media, showing both of them riding their horses, Bojangles and Annie.

"Spent my morning with my cowboy and our horses!" Underwood captioned the pictures.

Fisher also wrote about their ninth anniversary, sharing a photo of the couple at the restaurant that evening.

(Photo: Instagram/mfisher1212)

"9 years feels like 9 minutes!!!!" Fisher posted. "Grateful to be on this journey with you [Carrie Underwood]!! Time sure does fly [date night] [happy anniversary]."

Underwood is still as smitten with Fisher as the day she married him, and maybe more. The 36-year-old recently opened up about their relationship, which weathered plenty of storms between her multiple miscarriages and her fall outside their home in 2017.

"He is so level-headed about everything," Underwood told PEOPLE. "When I was dealing with everything, not just emotionally but hormonally – when you're going on that roller coaster of pregnant, not pregnant, pregnant, not pregnant – I was probably not very easy to love, to be honest. And to have somebody so even-keeled, he was my lifeline, keeping me grounded."

Fisher is equally taken with Underwood, becoming even more enamored after the couple became parents to Isaiah and Jacob.

"I admire Carrie as a mom most," Fisher acknowledged. "She is so good with our boys and loves us all so well."

Underwood is enjoying some time at home before she kicks off the fall leg of her Cry Pretty Tour 360 in September.


Photo Credit: Getty images / Jeff Kravitz