Carrie Underwood Releases 'Love Wins' Video

After much anticipation, Carrie Underwood has released the video for her latest single, 'Love [...]

After much anticipation, Carrie Underwood has released the video for her latest single, "Love Wins" — a song from her upcoming album Cry Pretty, out Sept. 14.

In the video for the anthemic song showcasing her growing baby bump, Underwood sings, "A stray bullet and a mama cries / Her baby won't be coming home tonight / Sirens screaming down the avenue / Just another story on the evening news," as seemingly diverse groups of people begin to walk, separated by their own pain.

But by the time Underwood gets to the soaring chorus, "I believe you and me are sisters and brothers / And I believe we're made to be here for each other / And we'll never fall if we walk hand in hand / Put a world that seems broken together again / Yeah, I believe in the end love wins," the group finds unity, celebrating their similarities instead of their differences.

"Love Wins," written by Underwood, along with Brett James and Cry Pretty co-producer David Garcia, is one of the most important – and daunting – songs Underwood says she has ever recorded.

"When we were writing it, it was a little scary, because I was like, 'Whatever we say, I just want to make sure people see this for what it is and what we're trying to say,'" Underwood shared with and other media. "It's so easy, I feel like these days, to skim the surface of something, draw some crazy conclusions that's not correct, and then make a thing out of it. And I was like, 'Above all, we want people to feel hopeful.'

"We weren't trying to speak negatively about our world," adds the singer. "Because we live in an amazing world too. But, I feel like we just get really caught up in surface things, and I feel like in this world we're quick to get angry at each other."

The American Idol alum hopes that "Love Wins" reminds people to celebrate diversity instead of questioning it.

"I personally think that we're all different for a reason, and I feel like if you just sit down and talk to somebody who's not like you and keep it chill, keep it calm, I feel like we can all learn from each other," Underwood notes. "I feel like that's what the good Lord would want us to do. I know it sounds super easy, and that's certainly not what we were trying to say each other, 'Let's just all hold hands and be friends.' I know it's a little more complicated than that.

"But, I do think that we as humans are inherently good, and we need to remember that," she continues. "Because we're different that doesn't make somebody else bad, it just makes us different. And we just wanted that song to be hopeful and to really make somebody stop and think about that."

"Love Wins" became the message Underwood wants her 3-year-old son, Isaiah, to learn, and his upcoming sibling as well.

"I want Isaiah to be around people who don't think like he does," says the Oklahoma native. "I want him to form his own opinions about things, and I want him to talk to people, and come to people with love. You may never agree with somebody else, but that's OK. Talk to them and maybe you'll be like, 'I never thought of that, whatever it is, that way.' And I feel like that's an important trait we all need more of.

"But, definitely something that we need to teach our children to love each other and love others, because, I mean, that's what God said, 'Love your neighbor and yourself,'" she concludes. "Not, 'Love your neighbor if they think like you do or look like you do.' Love your neighbor, end of story."

Cry Pretty will be released on Friday, Sept. 14. It is currently available for pre-order at her official website, Carrie Underwood.

Photo Credit: YouTube