Carrie Underwood Announces Release Date for Gospel Album 'My Savior'

Carrie Underwood announced in December that she will be releasing her first gospel album, My Savior, this spring, and the country star has now shared a preview of the project with fans. On Tuesday, Jan. 19, Underwood posted a video of herself working on the album, revealing that My Savior will be released on CD and Digital on March 26 and on vinyl on April 30.

"This album is one that I have always wanted to make," she said in a voiceover. "This is legacy stuff to me. I feel like at the heart of it all is an album like this one." Underwood continued, "When thinking about making an album like this, one thing I definitely wanted to do is to do the familiar. I wanted to do the traditional songs I grew up singing." The Oklahoma native added that the songs on My Savior are "literally songs I've heard since birth."

"We had our little church, we kind of went to a couple. My first one probably would have been just very tiny, wooden pews," she recalled. "It was probably the first place I sang, as well, was in church, singing these hymns in the congregation as well as being on stage and singing in front of people. It was always just familiar. These songs are like a warm hug. Just familiar and sweet and songs I've been singing my whole life."

"Hymns and gospel music shaped me as an artist because those were the first things that I sang," she explained. "It was just a great foundation for me, now, as an artist." The Grammy winner had previously called My Savior a companion album to her 2020 Christmas album My Gift, and shared that "In the year of 2020, it was just such a blessing to get to make both of those albums."

(Photo: Joseph Llanes)

Underwood worked with producer David Garcia, who co-produced her 2018 album Cry Pretty, to co-produce My Savior. "I feel like we grew up kind of the same way," she said. "He would understand the intention behind these songs, and the heart behind it was the most important thing and how it makes you feel when you hear it."

"I want it to appeal to the people like me who grew up singing these songs but also, we'll be introducing these songs to a whole new generation as well. When you think about the meaning behind Easter, it is about so much thankfulness to Jesus. That is what this album is about. What a joy it's been to make music like this right now." You can pre-order My Savior here.