Carrie Underwood Joins NEEDTOBREATHE on New Song 'I Wanna Remember'

Carrie Underwood has lent her voice to NEEDTOBREATHE's latest song, joining the rock group on [...]

Carrie Underwood has lent her voice to NEEDTOBREATHE's latest song, joining the rock group on their newly released "I Wanna Remember," out Thursday, May 20. The track is a love song about wanting to stay in one moment as long as you can so you can make sure to remember it, anchored by NEEDTOBREATHE frontman Bear Rinehart's unmistakable voice.

Underwood joins the band to harmonize and gets a verse to herself, her own powerful vocals easily cutting through the production. "I wanna memorize you / Wanna stay here forever / 'Cause I, I take a picture in my mind so we're always together / 'Cause I wanna remember," the chorus reads. Along with the song, NEEDTOBREATHE also released a music video featuring a couple spending a night out in Nashville interspersed with shots of Underwood and the band performing. The song will appear on NEEDTOBREATHE's upcoming album, Into the Mystery, which will arrive on July 30.

"'I Wanna Remember' is a nostalgic track and takes you back to the moments you never want to forget. We all came from small towns, and those roots have cemented into the fabric of the band and our music," NEEDTOBREATHE said in a statement. "Bear worked with Carrie on some of her recent projects, and we felt like her small-town roots and humble beginnings were the perfect addition to this song. As soon as we got into the studio, we felt a connection with her as if she was a long-time member of the band. Having someone with her talent and spirit sing on the song is an absolute honor for us."

Underwood added, "I have been a huge fan of NEEDTOBREATHE forever and I was so honored when the stars aligned and Bear agreed to lend his incredible vocals to a song on my recent gospel album. Needless to say, I was thrilled when he and the band invited me to be a part of their new project. I love the song and have had the best time getting to know and sing with these amazingly talented guys."

The collaboration comes shortly after Underwood teamed with Rinehart on her recently released gospel album, My Savior. Rinehart joined the country star for a rendition of the classic hymn "Nothing But the Blood of Jesus," which Underwood and co-producer David Garcia decided to make acoustic and minimal. In an interview explaining the process behind the song, Underwood shared that they decided to ask Rinehart to join her after deciding to put some tempo on the song and add harmonies.

"Definitely a fan of him and that band," she said of NEEDTOBREATHE. "We were talking about how we could hear a certain voice in the mix. Just kind of make it sound a little more current. I definitely feel like we did that."