Carrie Underwood Is 'Humbled' to Be Part of 'Breakthrough' Movie

Carrie Underwood loaned both her songwriting and vocal skills to the movie, Breakthrough, with her anthemic "Love Wins" single. With the movie officially out, Underwood shared her thoughts on being a part of the inspirational film on social media.

"I couldn’t be more humbled to be a part of bringing this film to life," Underwood wrote, sharing a promotional clip of the video. "It’s been an incredible journey from first reading the script to release day finally being here. This film is truly inspirational. Grab your [popcorn emoji] [Breakthrough] is in theaters today!!"

Breakthrough, which stars This Is Us actress Chrissy Metz and Topher Grace, is based on a true story, one that Underwood was honored to be a part of.

“I was approached about being a part of the Breakthrough movie and having a song in the movie a while back ago, and we were on the road doing album promo," Underwood said. "They sent us the movie to watch ‘cause I definitely wanted to get to see it before I could say 'Yes, I want to be a part of that.' The second it was over, I said, ‘Yes. I want to be a part of this.’ It’s such an inspiring movie."

While infant son Jacob will be far too young to understand the film, the American Idol alum plans on taking both her older son, Isaiah, and her husband, Mike Fisher, to see Breakthrough in the theater.

"I can’t wait for my son Isaiah to watch it," Underwood said. "I can’t wait for my husband to watch it. I just think it something that everybody will be able to relate to in some way or another, and it’s such an inspiring film. I cried my way through it. I was bawling about 10 minutes in [laughs], in a good way. I’m just always happy when I can be part of things that can inspire and I was honored that they wanted to use ‘Love Wins’ in the movie.”


More information on the film can be found at the movie's official website.

Photo Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images