Carrie Underwood Forgets to Thank Her Family in CMT Artist of the Year Acceptance Speech

Carrie Underwood had to receive her CMT Artist of the Year trophy while on stage in Cleveland, Ohio, as part of her Cry Pretty Tour 360. The American Idol alum admits she was unexpectedly at a loss for words when Maddie & Tae presented her with the trophy, and forgot to thank some key people in her life, including her own family.

"I had more things to say in my acceptance speech," Underwood said during her concert in Ohio, which was shared by a fan on social media. "It just went out the window. I didn't even thank my family. They're pretty important, in my life and my work. I have them all out on the road with me – my three boys, my husband and our two little guys. It's been a good year. I'm gonna say all the things I didn't say a couple minutes ago.

"It's been a really good year," she continued. "I had an album about a year ago, last year, and had a baby in January. Went out on the road, because I just missed it so much and I missed you guys so much. We love our job, we love what we do. This is what we feel like we were called to do, and made to do, so it feels wrong when we're not doing it. That has nothing to do with the next song we're going to play. I just wanted to say all the things I didn't get to say.

"This next song, I'll go ahead and dedicate it to my boys, who I did not thank," Underwood concluded, before launching into "End Up With You," from her Cry Pretty record.

Underwood's husband, Mike Fisher, likely didn't mind the unintentional omission. Fisher recently praised his wife on social media for how well she handles all aspects of her life and career, especially while on tour.

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"If I had a dollar every time someone on tour said 'I don’t know how she does it' I’d be rich," Fisher posted on Instagram, along with a video of Underwood singing "Cry Pretty." "I wish everyone could see how she does it! She still gets up a couple times a night with Jacob. Wakes up and makes sure everyone is fed, then works out for 90 minutes (a workout much harder then mine). Then gets ready for the show with sound check etc, then meets dozen of fans, then meets radio people and then goes out and sings her heart out for 2 hours, then gets on the bus and on to the next city for a repeat.


"It really is amazing how she does it all," he continued. "Hard work is more important than talent in everything and she has loads of both but the short answer of how she does it is that God’s given her a crazy voice and determination (and energy) to be able to do what He’s called her to do! I love watching her do her thing and showing people the gift that God’s given her. He’s the only explanation to the question 'I don’t know how she does it.'"

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