Carly Pearce Drops 'You Kissed Me First' From Upcoming Self-Titled Album

We now have another Carly Pearce song to listen to, ahead of the release of her self-titled debut album. Pearce just dropped "You Kissed Me First," which she did not write, but was written with her, and her love story with husband Michael Ray, in mind.

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"I'll never forget sitting on my bus one night and getting a text that HILLARY LINDSEY had sent this song for me to hear because she wrote it with me in mind — the minute I heard it, I knew she had yet again written a moment in my story," Pearce shared on Instagram. "I still say [Michael Ray] kissed me first, but I guess only the wine will ever REALLY know ."

Lindsey co-wrote "You Kissed Me First" with Gordie Sampson and Josh Kear, one of 13 songs on Carly Pearce that the Kentucky native says best represents her.

"I'm really proud of it.," Pearce told and other media, when discussing her next record. "I got to work with Busbee again, and it just is an evolution. I feel like on my first record, I'm so proud of that, but I was writing songs from a place of searching, and I think on this one, I found a lot of the things I was searching for."

Pearce and Ray have been married for only a few months, but Pearce already knows she enjoys being married to her new husband.

"This is the first person that I have chosen to love them in the way that they need to be loved, and in not in the way that I want to love somebody, if that makes sense?" Pearce reflected to "Just really getting to know each other, on a deep level every day. I get to know him, I learn little things about him every day and that's fun to me. This is the person that I now get to just continue to peel layers back and grow together with."

"You Kissed Me First" might have been written about Pearce and Ray, but there's another song on the album that Ray sings on with Pearce. "Finish Your Sentences" marks the couple's first collaboration on an album. The song was written by Thomas Rhett, Kelsea Ballerini, Jesse Frasure and Ashley Gorley.


Carly Pearce will be released on Feb. 14. It is currently available for pre-order on her website.

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