Brett Young Says Songs Like 'Lady' Are 'the Reason I Write Music'

In April 2020, Brett Young released his single "Lady," a message to his daughter Presley that he wrote before she was born in October 2019. The song has since given Young another No. 1 hit, and has served as the soundtrack to a number of special moments in fans' lives, from the births of their own children to dances at weddings.

"That literally is the reason that I write music, is connections like that to the most important thing in people's lives," Young recently told and other media before referencing his early hit, the love song "In Case You Didn't Know. "The first time I felt anything like that was with my second single, 'In Case You Didn't Know,' when people started using that in their weddings," he recalled. "When you can write, quote unquote, a soundtrack to people's lives, but more importantly, one of the most important days of their lives, it puts into perspective what we do is a job like anybody else's, it's still a job and it's grueling sometimes, and sometimes you're like, 'I'm really tired.' And that's just everybody's life, but it's really nice to have things that put it back into perspective and make you feel blessed and lucky again, because it's easy to forget sometimes."

"Songs like 'Lady,' where people are playing it with their brand newborn laying on their chest in the hospital, when I've seen videos like that, I mean, it makes you feel this big in the best way," he continued. "Perspective is a crazy thing." Young added that his wife, Taylor, joked to him, "It's possible that you're going to have the first dance and the father-daughter dance at a lot of people's weddings." "I was like, 'Wow! Two songs at people's weddings,'" he said. "It's crazy to think about... Because me and my wife look back at our wedding day as the best day of our life before our daughter was born, and so to be attached to it to a special day like that for people is humbling and beautiful. It's literally why write songs."


Young initially wasn't planning on releasing "Lady," but his producer Dann Huff recorded the song for Young and Taylor as a baby gift. "Had that not happened, I don't know if we would have played it for enough people to realize how many people could relate and how many people were really feeling connected to that song," Young reflected. "Because Dann did that and was so sweet to give us that song as a gift, we were able to share it with people and realize that it was probably something that people needed."