Brett Young Reveals the One Winter Sport He Wants to Learn

Brett Young is naturally athletic. In fact, his baseball skills earned him early interest from a couple major league baseball teams, and he attended college on a baseball scholarship.

It wasn't until an elbow injury derailed Young's plans of a future as a professional athlete, that Young turned to music. But while he is good at a lot of of sports, he admits he prefers the warm weather ones to outdoor winter sports.

"In terms of winter sports I'm terrible," reveals Young. "And that's kind of one of my goals moving forward in the next couple of years, if we have any free time. I've snowboarded a little bit but I've never been on skis and it's something that I've always wanted to get good at and be able to enjoy. And so moving forward in the next couple of years I'm gonna try to get on the slopes and learn how to ski."

Young might have trouble squeezing that into his schedule. The 36-year-old's career is continuing its upward climb, with his first three singles hitting No. 1, and a recent ACM Award nomination for New Male Vocalist of the Year.

The California native's personal life is riding high as well. Young recently announced his engagement to his girlfriend, Taylor Mills.

"We met a little over 10 years ago in Scottsdale while she was at ASU and dated for a little over six years," he revealed to People. "After school, she and I both moved to Los Angeles together. When I moved to Nashville, we took a break for a few years, and I wrote a lot of my first record about her."

With so much good news, Young admits he's having the best time of his life.

"Recent's this what it feels like to be the luckiest guy alive?! Thanks," tweeted Young.


Young will hit the road later this year to serve as the opening act on Thomas Rhett's 2018 Life Changes Tour. Dates are available on his website.

Photo Credit: Instagram/BrettYoungMusic