Brett Eldredge Reflects on 'Weird' Experience Being His Own Boss on The Long Way Tour

Brett Eldredge just kicked off his headlining The Long Way Tour, traveling across the country with his band and crew, with many of them working for Eldredge since the beginning of his career. But while they all are employed by Eldredge, the 32-year-old sees himself as more of a friend than an employer.

"I feel weird even being called a boss," Eldredge shared with at a recent media event. "I mean, I guess technically I am the boss, but it makes me feel so weird. I'm definitely not the kind of boss who's gonna yell at somebody. That's just not my thing. I'm the kind of boss that wants to create an environment that everybody is gonna have fun and enjoy. I think if you set the vibe up front, it's top down."

Not only does Eldredge want his tour to go well, but he also wants everyone who works for him to enjoy their job.

"And of course, you're gonna have your down days, but you can set the vibe from the beginning, top down, of, 'This is what I want it to be like,'" he continues. "I think it's always been that kind of way for my crew. Just knowing that, unless you do something really ridiculous, you're not going to get in trouble ... I feel like if I am a boss, then I am just a fun loving boss that wants everybody to have the best possible time they can while we're up there on stage and off stage."

Eldredge also has fun at his own shows, sometimes even before he takes the stage. The Illinois native has been known to dress in costumes and hang out with his fans before his performance, with them often unaware that he was actually part of the lineup.

(Photo: Instagram/BrettEldredge)

"I was thinking of the different stages of wig characters that we've had," said Eldredge. "I used to go out as I was the opener and watch the other acts with the wig on and it would work a lot, because it didn't look anything like me. Sometimes I wear my own T-shirt, or Luke's T-shirt or something and I just really look like a fan. Probably I have really ridiculous hair, but its just, 'There's some really weird guy.' I would dance in front of fans that had my t-shirts on. They'd be like, 'This guy's strange.' And it would start to become a thing, so now I have to up my game."

"It's a really amazing feeling to play a whole completely different character and just go out there and dance as ridiculous as I can and be crazy," he continues. "No one knows for a while until they probably figure out I'm the only crazy person to do that there. And then they're like, 'Oh that's Brett. He was just on stage in front of, you know, of all of his people,' you know? But I think I gotta up my costumes this year, create some new characters, which I love to do that."


Eldredge is joined on his The Long Way Tour by Devin Dawson and Jillian Jacqueline. Find dates on his website.

Photo Credit: Instagram/BrettEldredge