Brett Eldredge Explains Why He Revealed Anxiety Struggle

Brett Eldredge recently opened up about his ongoing struggle with anxiety. While his admission [...]

Brett Eldredge recently opened up about his ongoing struggle with anxiety. While his admission showed fans a personal side of him, far removed from the happy, carefree guy he seems to be on stage, the 32-year-old wanted to bring out into the open something many people suffer with in silence.

"Everybody has all sorts of stuff going on in their world," Eldredge shared with at a recent media event. "It's how we deal with it, and I've tried to figure it out for a long time. You take two steps forward and a step back every once in a while and you keep pushing yourself and trying to better yourself and wellness and so, mindfulness, became a big thing for me and meditation and journaling and seeing that thoughts are just thoughts, and everything's all right."

Eldredge wasn't at all afraid to share his own struggle, if only so he can help others facing something similar.

"I've been through the gamut – all of it," said the singer. "I'm not really nervous about talking about it at all. I think it's, like I said, a very human thing. It's kind of always had a weird stigma about the mental health world and it's so dumb to me. It's so ridiculous. I can bring that into the light. We're all just human, trying to get through this and can really help each other out. It's a really powerful thing to be able to try to help people and they also help me in return."

Eldredge has wise words for those who struggle with anxiety or other issues.

"Just realize that we're all here and just trying to figure out how to deal with it," he said. "There are definitely ways. It doesn't mean that you're ever going to be perfect at it but there are ways to better yourself and power through."

One way the Illinois native copes with his anxiety is by using a gratitude journal, which he began as a way to chronicle all the amazing things that have happened to him so far, especially since launching his own The Long Way Tour earlier this year.

"I think 2018, for one I got to do my first headline, like big headline tour, which was huge," Eldredge reflected. "I've been direct support on a lot of amazing tours and I was on a club headline tour, but with big theaters and arenas and stuff like that, this is my first time. So, to feel that passion of my own fans out there and just people going nuts 'cause I think they've been like 'When are you gonna finally do your own headline tour?' And it's finally here."

"I can't wipe a smile off my face the entire time and I just feel most myself when I get to get up there 'cause I can goof off, and my fans know I'm gonna do that," he added. "I can tell these stories and get emotional and it's been a very therapeutic experience and just very, it feels good."

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