Brett Eldredge Details Second Christmas Album

Brett Eldredge released his first Christmas album, Glow, in 2016, with the singer channeling his inner Frank Sinatra for a record full of holiday classics.

In June, he had fans freaking after he shared a quick clip of a studio with Christmas music playing in the background and the words "Glow 2.0" written on a notepad, indicating that some new music might be arriving this holiday season.

After officially confirming that he has "expanded" on the original Glow, Eldredge told that his new project will maintain the big-band feel of its predecessor.

"We are staying in that big band feel good kind of swing kind of vide that the Glow record is," the Illinois native revealed. "That's just the kind of vibe that's got that fun swagger to it that I love. It's sexy, it's fun, it's nostalgic, it's everything I love about Christmas."

Eldredge added that the new project will be "a bigger, better version" of Glow.

"It's more of the magic that was on the original but amped up times ten," he said. "It is so fun — I love Christmas music, it is a huge passion of mine, and this record has a classic feel to it that I always wanted to make. These new songs that we recorded for Glow are really special and I just can't wait for everybody to hear it."

While the "Love Someone" singer didn't reveal which tracks will appear on the project, he did note that he thinks fans will appreciate the new selections.

"I recorded some that I think people will be really excited about that they didn't expect," he shared. "And some different versions of songs that they might not have heard because I recorded some extreme classics on the first one and then we got classics with some different arrangements on the new one. It's gonna be really, really exciting for everybody."

While Eldredge included an original track on the first album with "Glow," the new project will remain true to his love of tried and true favorites.

"I'm mostly sticking to classics," he said. "I wanted to amp this up with a bunch of classics but with my own swing on it. So that's what I did."

Along with Eldredge himself, his family is also passionate about Christmas, with his mom even helping him decorate his home. While they love celebrating the holidays together, Eldredge shared that his family is a close and supportive bunch all year long.

"They are so supportive and always checking in with me and very proud," he said. "Anytime I have a down moment, they've always been the ones to say, 'You're doing what you're supposed to do.'"

"So whenever we have those up moments, we all celebrate together and really take a look back at how far it's come, from singing in front of ten people and now singing in front of crowds that are 50,000," the singer continued. "It's pretty wild, it's pretty cool for a kid from small-town Illinois. And a family from a little place called Paris, Illinois."


Photo Credit: Getty / Angela Weiss