Brantley Gilbert Praises 2-Year-Old Son Barrett for Welcoming Baby Sister Braylen

Brantley Gilbert and his wife, Amber, just welcomed their second child, daughter Braylen, last month. The baby is a little sister to big brother Barrett, who is already doting on the infant, which is something Gilbert is incredibly proud of, and hopes to continue to foster.

"We're a family of four, and I tell ya, my two-year-old boy loves her," Gilbert boasted to his record label. "We were worried about him being jealous and all that, but he honestly, he loves her to death and wants to hold her and is real gentle with her. It's just been awesome to watch. I love being a dad. It's my favorite thing in the world and makes it's hard to be out here on the road. Makes me a little homesick and ready to see 'em now."

Gilbert previously revealed he wasn't going to take time off to help Amber take care of Braylen, at least not at first.

"For Barrett I took like three or four months off, just cause I wanted to be there and I didn't wanna miss a thing," Gilbert explained. "And then he got here it was like, she was breast-feeding, so I was like, there's really not a lot for dad to do when that's going on. I mean we can can hold them and rock them and put them down for a nap, but there's not a whole lot for us to do. So this time around I was a little more comfortable, and she was okay with it, like, 'Go work. Don't pace holes into the floor, you just drive me nuts anyway.'

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"So this time around, I'm gonna be working, bouncing out for weekends and coming home," he continued. "And I'm kind of introducing the idea [that] I may take him and give her some time with baby girl and let him come out on the road with dad so … They come out with me but she hasn't sent him out them out on the road with me without being there yet so we'll see how that goes."


Gilbert just released his latest album, Fire & Brimstone, which includes the hit single, "What Happens in a Small Town," a duet with Lindsay Ell. Order the record, and find tour dates, by visiting Gilbert's website.

Photo Credit: Getty images / Mike Pont