Bobby Bones Reveals He Has Post-Traumatic Stress and Anxiety Disorder

Bobby Bones is opening up about his health, sharing his recent diagnosis, in hopes of inspiring others to not be afraid to share their own struggles.

"Here's @mrBobbyBones medical diagnosis," Bones shared, after the news was initially shared from the Bobby Bones Show. "He says he wants to share because he knows other people are going through the same."

In the video, Bones shows the diagnosis on the screen he received the news, from his doctor.

"Here is my doctor portal," Bones said. "This is everything I've been diagnosed as. "Post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, [and] insomnia. That about does it."

Bones, who is the reigning Dancing With the Stars champion, opened up on the show about his troubled childhood, raised by a single mother in Mountain Pine, Ark.

"My mom was pregnant with me when she was 15 years old and struggling with addiction and she had to drop out of school. She didn't graduate high school," Bones said, adding that he "didn't know my real dad, he left when I was — I can barely remember."

"I never had a bedroom growing up. I slept on the couch in the living room," he continued. "My closet was underneath the couch. I kept all my clothes under there."

Bones became the first person in his family to graduate from high school, an unlikely accomplishment considering his roots.

"I knew for me to kind of get out of the culture that I was in, I needed an education. School was important to me to try and break the cycle," he said. "When I graduated high school and put on that cap and gown, it was a big deal to me and it was a big deal to my mom."

Bones went on to become a popular radio host, an author, a comedian and so much more, which he admits might stem from his own insecurity.

"[I do] nothing well. That's why I have to do all the stuff," Bones told "I don't really have one talent that's amazing, and so I just try to stay out there. I got a swimming pool now, and I gotta pay the bill on that thing. I never had a swimming pool before. I grew up really poor, and there was only one swimming pool, and it was outside of town. So now I have one, and so I'm determined to keep that thing going."


Bones, who is rumored to be in consideration for the next season of The Bachelor, will also return for Season 17 of American Idol, serving as an in-house mentor. The season will kick off on March 3 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Tara Ziemba