Bobby Bones Holds In-House Masters Graduation for Girlfriend Caitlin Parker While Self-Isolating

Graduates around the world are marking the end of years of hard work without traditional graduation ceremonies this year due to the coronavirus. Still, many of their families and friends are helping them celebrate with at-home ceremonies. Bobby Bones did just that for his girlfriend, Caitlin Parker, who graduated with her Master's degree this year. On Friday, Bones shared a post on social media, revealing that he had thrown Parker's graduation at home, posting photos of the two wearing caps and gowns. The first shot was of Bones handing Parker a diploma. The second was a picture of the couple hugging, and the third featured Bones giving a speech in one photo in front of a sign that read, "Congrats Caitlin!!"

"Since she didn't get her graduation for getting her masters degree, I threw @caitcparker a surprise graduation," Bones captioned the post. "With a speech. Diploma, music ,Gowns , etc. I'm so proud of her!" Parker reflected on her graduation on her own page with a photo of herself sitting on her bed on her laptop, wearing a sweatshirt with her hair in a bun. "I've been working toward my Master's degree for 2 years [and] it's GRADUATION week!" she wrote. "Whenever I get down about not being able to celebrate with friends and family I remember that I don't have to wash my hair for the ceremony. We should all count the little blessings right now."

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Bones also gave a commencement speech to any 2020 graduates and anyone who might need some inspiration on an iHeartRadio podcast. "I did a commencement speech for all graduates high school and college. And honestly, anyone who is struggling with finding themselves and this motivation," he captioned a quote from his speech that read, "Now you get to write your own story. They may cancel your graduation. They may cancel every event 'til the end of the year, but they can't cancel your dream. They can't cancel you."


Bones has been self-isolating with Parker for the duration of quarantine, and she was one of the first contestants on Bones' online game show, Super Easy Trivia, which brings together Bones' friends and listeners of his radio show for exactly what it sounds like — a super easy trivia game. "It was never really the plan to make this the big show I'm doing, but I'm excited that people care," he recently told Sounds Like Nashville of the surprise online hit. "I'm definitely not smart at this, it's just kind of lucky."