Blake Shelton Gifts Classroom Supplies to Texas Teacher

One teacher in Texas had her day made after Blake Shelton cleared her Amazon wish list this week, a generous gesture that was fueled by alcohol, according to the singer. Annie Maree Gressett, a first-grade teacher from Texas, had tweeted Shelton asking him to help her spread the word about her list of needed supplies, writing that she had never had her list cleared before.

"Ah hell... I’ve had a few drinks. I’ll take care of it for ya," Shelton replied to Gressett on Tuesday after she asked him to share her list. After Shelton tweeted about Gressett's list, she wrote that she had to step out of her classroom because she was crying. "When you have to step out of your classroom crying because you found out [Blake Shelton] shared your list!" an emotional tweet from Gressett read. "You are the good in the world! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the TX panhandle! I’m eternally grateful! Thank you, everyone!"

She also shared a direct reply to the "God's Country" singer, writing, "You're awesome [Blake]...I can never thank you enough!... This thread is full of amazing teachers who are still needing their lists case you want to share so someone might help them as well! #clearthelist #clearthelists #teachertwitter."

Prior to his kind gesture, Shelton inadvertently waded into controversy on Twitter when he discussed COVID-19 statistics on the platform, tweeting an unconfirmed statement about the disease on Sunday. Shelton's messages were referencing a tweet from President Trump, who had retweeted a since-removed tweet claiming that "only 6%" of U.S. deaths attributed to the virus "actually died from COVID."

"I’m not even sure which side(politically) this would land on," Shelton wrote. "But am I the only person who sees the new CDC update as some actual good news? Just that. Not left or right... Just updated info that’s better than we thought. I mean does everything have to be a fight these days?"


"Sorry I should’ve been more clear," he added in a second message. "I’m talking about 6% news. Again I’m not looking for an argument from either side. I just see it as some better news is all." After numerous fans contradicted the claim, he responded to one and wrote, "This is what I’m talking about.. I’m not going to argue at all because I’m not advocating for anything. What is the fight? Covid is horrifying. That’s it."

"Whew... I can see that there’s no way a fight won’t erupt about this stuff," he concluded. "No matter how you slice it. And that’s last thing I wanted. Stay healthy and safe everyone."