Blake Shelton Donates $150,000 to Oklahoma Food Bank

Blake Shelton is helping out his home state of Oklahoma, donating $150,000 this week to the 'Give [...]

Blake Shelton is helping out his home state of Oklahoma, donating $150,000 this week to the "Give from Home Day" fundraiser. The fundraiser was a partnership between Oklahoma City ABC affiliate news station KOCO 5 and the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and raised $400,000.

"A lot of Oklahomans are going to be going to bed hungry tonight," Shelton said in a video message shared by KOCO 5 that saw the singer sitting in a car dressed in a camouflage jacket and a baseball cap. "That's not something that I can live with, and that's why I'm going to be donating to the Regional Food Bank, the Oklahoma Food Bank," Shelton continued, asking fans to participate as well. "I hope you will join me and help from home. Send in that donation because a lot of people out there are counting on us."

"Please join me and help from home and donate to your regional food bank and let's help wipe out at least the hunger part of this pandemic," he added in another clip shared on the Today show. "I'm donating and I hope you will." Shelton is currently quarantining at his Oklahoma ranch with girlfriend Gwen Stefani, and the two shared an update on their new daily routines during a video appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon earlier this month.

"Gwen's learned how to bake bread really good, sourdough bread," Shelton said. "Literally, it's like Little House on the Prairie out here. She makes bread, I've been building a fence and gardening. We're pretty self-sufficient out here." The "God's Country" singer added that he is quarantined with "a bunch of Stefanis."

"I'm talking about a pile of 'em," he said. "My mom and stepdad live about 10 miles from here, I haven't seen 'em since the middle of March except for waving at 'em through the truck window."

Shelton and Stefani also shared an at-home performance of their duet "Nobody But You" with Fallon, a song they also sang for another home performance during ACM Presents: Our Country. "We are also in lockdown like the rest of you all, and we happen to be in Oklahoma, hiding away from everybody, doing what we're supposed to do," Shelton said on the broadcast. "We're also doing what I think everybody else must be doing which is drinking all day," he continued, before getting chastised by his girlfriend. "Not me!" Stefani playfully exclaimed as she hastened to move a glass out of the frame. "What? Just me, me," Shelton conceded.